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Nov. Endrunde - Gruppenphase (Gruppe A) - - MEZ ( Ortszeit) - Kielce Stadium - Kielce. Slowakei. Chrien England. England · E. Dier 37' · M. Rashford 59'. Beendet. 0. 2. -. 1. 0. Wembley. Slowakei · S. Lobotka 3'. WM-Qualifikation • Gruppe F. Gruppenphase. So berichten die Medien über das Spiel Slowakei - England (). Trading deutsch auch deutlich kleinere. Rusnak für Weiss Dass es zur Pause dennoch 1: Nordirland - Tschechien 2: Haben Sie etwas Spannendes gesehen oder gehört? Die Slowaken geben in Wembley den Ton an. England gelingt der Ausgleich - nach einem Standard! So endete der zweitletzte Test des FCW 2: Von Alex Hoster In der Gruppe E bewegten sich Polen 3: Inserieren Inserate Todesanzeigen Online Werbung. Umbau Ein Haus, das mit den Bedürfnissen seiner Bewohner lebt. Duris für Nemec England verschläft die Anfangsphase nahezu komplett. Retrieved 4 December Retrieved from " https: Miscellaneous forces under the direct command casino schenefeld öffnungszeiten the General Staff französische liga the 5th Special Forces Regiment. Archived from the original on 16 June The military fort was surrounded by a civilian vicus and several farms of the villa rustica type. The Constitution of the Slovak Republic was ratified 1 Liveticker bayer leverkusenand fuГџball wette effective 1 January Morocco kostenlose lotterie, 4 June ALT. Union of European Football Associations. Inthe Slavic population living in the western parts of Pannonia seceded from their empire after a revolution led by Samo, a Frankish merchant. Retrieved 22 May Wikimedia Commons has media alle fuГџball ligen deutschland basketball live streams Slovakia national association football team. The conservation status of non-lichen-forming fungi in Slovakia is not well documented, but there is a red list for its larger fungi.

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Am Ende jubelten sie, die Engländer - noch mehr als im ersten Duell mit der Slowakei, als ihnen der 1: Alle Tore Wechsel Karten. Die Slowaken geben in Wembley den Ton an. Gleich der frühe Dämpfer für die Engländer. Mit dem Sieg im Spitzenkampf machte England einen grossen Schritt. Inserieren Anzeigen online aufgeben Inserate einfach online aufgaben. Welbeck für Rashford England. Rusnak für Weiss Slowenien - Litauen 4: So endete der zweitletzte Test des FCW 2:

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England - Slowakei 04.09.17 WM 2018 Quali Orakel Welbeck für Rashford England. England ohne Lallana, Pickford und Trippier alle verletzt. Sterling für Oxlade-Chamberlain England. England wirkt gegen die stabile slowakische Defensive ein wenig überfordert. Sterling für Oxlade-Chamberlain England - Slowakei 2: England verschläft die Anfangsphase nahezu komplett. Oktober in Schottland 2: Aserbaidschan - San Marino 5: Wenn auch deutlich kleinere.

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Montenegro - Rumänien 1: Liga Regionalliga Amateure Pokal Int. Weitere Angebote des Olympia-Verlags: Die Slowaken geben in Wembley den Ton an. Das inferiore Norwegen vermochte zu keiner Zeit mit dem Weltmeister von mitzuhalten. Polen - Kasachstan 4: Schottland - Malta 2:

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Sterling für Oxlade-Chamberlain Rusnak für Weiss Slowakei. England - Slowakei 2: England ohne Lallana, Pickford und Trippier alle verletzt. Nemec chipt das Leder in den Strafraum, wo der aufgerückte Lobotka den Ball technisch hochwertig annimmt und aus sieben Metern halblinker Position zum 1:

The word "socialist" was dropped in the names of the two republics, i. In November the federal parliament voted to dissolve the country officially on December 31, The Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic went their separate ways after 1 January , an event sometimes called the Velvet Divorce.

On 1 January , Slovakia adopted the Euro as its national currency. The Slovak landscape is noted primarily for its mountainous nature, with the Carpathian Mountains extending across most of the northern half of the country.

The largest lowland is the fertile Danubian Lowland in the southwest, followed by the Eastern Slovak Lowland in the southeast.

They are divided into several parts. The Tatra mountain range is represented as one of the three hills on the coat of arms of Slovakia.

There are 9 national parks in Slovakia, they cover 6. Slovakia has hundreds of caves and caverns under its mountains, of which 30 are open to the public.

Most of the rivers stem in the Slovak mountains. The biggest volume of discharge in Slovak rivers is during spring , when the snow melts from the mountains.

The only exception is the Danube, whose discharge is the greatest during summer when the snow melts in the Alps. The Danube is the largest river that flows through Slovakia.

The Slovak climate lies between the temperate and continental climate zones with relatively warm summers and cold, cloudy and humid winters. The weather differs from the mountainous north to the plains in the south.

In Slovakia, there are four seasons , each season Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter lasts three months. The dry continental air brings in the summer heat and winter frosts.

In contrast, oceanic air brings rainfalls and reduces summer temperatures. In the lowlands and valleys there is often fog, especially in winter.

In Slovakia, the weather and climate in the spring is very unstable. Showers or thunderstorms may occur because of the summer monsoon called Medardova kvapka Medard drop — 40 days of rain.

Autumn in Slovakia starts on 23 September and is mostly characterised by wet weather and wind, although the first weeks can be very warm and sunny.

Late September and early October is a dry and sunny time of year so-called Indian Summer. In December and January it is usually snowing, these are the coldest months of the year.

At lower altitudes, snow does not stay the whole winter, it is changing into the thaw and frost. Slovakia signed the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity on 19 May , and became a party to the convention on 25 August The biodiversity of Slovakia comprises animals such as annellids, arthropods, molluscs, nematodes and vertebrates , fungi Ascomycota , Basidiomycota , Chytridiomycota , Glomeromycota and Zygomycota , micro-organisms including Mycetozoa , and plants.

Over species of fungi have been recorded from Slovakia. The conservation status of non-lichen-forming fungi in Slovakia is not well documented, but there is a red list for its larger fungi.

Slovakia is a parliamentary democratic republic with a multi-party system. The last parliamentary elections were held on 5 March and two rounds of presidential elections took place on 15 and 29 March The Slovak head of state and the formal head of the executive is the president currently Andrej Kiska , though with very limited powers.

The president is elected by direct, popular vote under the two-round system for a five-year term. The prime minister is appointed by the president.

The remainder of the cabinet is appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister. Delegates are elected for a four-year term on the basis of proportional representation.

The Constitution of the Slovak Republic was ratified 1 September , and became effective 1 January It was amended in September to allow direct election of the president and again in February due to EU admission requirements.

The civil law system is based on Austro-Hungarian codes. Slovakia accepts the compulsory International Court of Justice jurisdiction with reservations.

Slovakia is a member of the United Nations since and participates in its specialized agencies. The country was, on 10 October , elected to a two-year term on the UN Security Council from to Slovakia maintains diplomatic relations with countries, primarily through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As of December , Slovakia maintained 90 missions abroad, including 64 embassies, seven missions to multilateral organisations, nine consulates-general, one consular office, one Slovak Economic and Cultural Office and eight Slovak Institutes.

The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic number 14, uniformed personnel. There is a joint Czech-Slovak peacekeeping force in Kosovo. From the army transformed into a fully professional organisation and compulsory military service was abolished.

Slovak Ground Forces are made up of two active mechanised infantry brigades. Training and support forces comprise a National Support Element Multifunctional Battalion, Transport Battalion, Repair Battalion , a garrison force of the capital city Bratislava, as well as a training battalion, and various logistics and communication and information bases.

Miscellaneous forces under the direct command of the General Staff include the 5th Special Forces Regiment. The US State Department in reported:. The government generally respected the human rights of its citizens; however, there were problems in some areas.

The most significant human rights issues included incidents of interference with privacy; corruption; widespread discrimination against Roma minority; and security force violence against ethnic and racial minorities government actions and rhetoric did little to discourage.

The government investigated reports of abuses by members of the security forces and other government institutions, although some observers questioned the thoroughness of these investigations.

Some officials engaged in corrupt practices with impunity. Two former ministers were convicted of corruption during the year.

Human rights in Slovakia are guaranteed by the Constitution of Slovakia from the year and by multiple international laws signed in Slovakia between and As for administrative division , Slovakia is subdivided into 8 krajov singular — kraj , usually translated as "region" , each of which is named after its principal city.

Regions have enjoyed a certain degree of autonomy since Their self-governing bodies are referred to as Self-governing or autonomous Regions sg.

The "kraje" are subdivided into many okresy sg. In terms of economics and unemployment rate, the western regions are richer than eastern regions.

The Slovak Republic continues exhibiting robust economic performance, with strong growth backed by a sound financial sector, low public debt and high international competitiveness drawing on large inward investment.

The country used to be dubbed the " Tatra Tiger ". Slovakia successfully transformed from a centrally planned economy to a market-driven economy.

Major privatisations are completed, the banking sector is almost completely in private hands, and foreign investment has risen. The Slovak economy is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and 3rd fastest in eurozone In , and with GDP growth of Slovakia adopted the Euro currency on 1 January as the 16th member of the Eurozone.

The euro in Slovakia was approved by the European commission on 7 May The Slovak koruna was revalued on 28 May to Slovakia is an attractive country for foreign investors mainly because of its low wages, low tax rates and well educated labour force.

In recent years, Slovakia has been pursuing a policy of encouraging foreign investment. Slovakia became an aid provider at the end of The main industry sectors are car manufacturing and electrical engineering.

From electrical engineering companies, Foxconn has a factory at Nitra for LCD TV manufacturing, Samsung at Galanta for computer monitors and television sets manufacturing.

Today, Bratislava is the road, railway, waterway and airway hub. In , Slovakia produced a total of 28, GWh of electricity while at the same time consumed 28 GWh.

The slightly higher level of consumption than the capacity of production - GWh meant the country was not self-sufficient in energy sourcing.

Slovakia imported electricity mainly from the Czech Republic 9 GWh — Nuclear energy accounts for After deactivating the last of the two reactors of the V1 block in , Slovakia instantly stopped being self-dependent in energy production.

It is scheduled for decommissioning in Two new reactors are under construction in Mochovce plant. The nuclear power production in Slovakia sometimes draws attention to Austrian green-energy activists who occasionally organise protests and block the borders between the two countries.

There are four main highways D1 to D4 and eight express ways R1 to R8. Most of them are still in the planning phase.

It is located 9 kilometres 5. It serves civil and governmental, scheduled and unscheduled domestic and international flights. The current runways support the landing of all common types of aircraft currently used.

The Port of Bratislava is one of the two international river ports in Slovakia. Slovakia features natural landscapes, mountains, caves , medieval castles and towns, folk architecture, spas and ski resorts.

More than 5,4 million tourists visited Slovakia in , and the most attractive destinations are the capital of Bratislava and the High Tatras.

Slovakia contains many castles, most of which are in ruins. A historical center with at least one square has been preserved in many towns.

Historical centers have been going through restoration in recent years. Historical churches can be found in virtually every village and town in Slovakia.

The Basilica of St. The oldest sacral buildings in Slovakia stem from the Great Moravian period in the 9th century. Very precious structures are the complete wooden churches of northern and northern-eastern Slovakia.

Most were built from the 15th century onwards by Catholics , Lutherans and members of eastern-rite churches. Dielo shop chain sells works of Slovak artists and craftsmen.

These shops are mostly found in towns and cities. Prices of imported products are generally the same as in the neighbouring countries, whereas prices of local products and services, especially food, are usually lower.

The Slovak Academy of Sciences has been the most important scientific and research institution in the country since Slovaks have made notable scientific and technical contributions during the history.

Slovakia is currently in the negotiation process of becoming a member of the European Space Agency. Observer status was granted in , when Slovakia signed the General Agreement on Cooperation [] in which information about ongoing education programmes was shared and Slovakia was invited to various negotiations of the ESA.

Slovak research and development organizations can apply for funding of projects regarding space technologies advancement.

Slovakia will be obliged to set state budget inclusive ESA funding. According to the census, [] the majority of the inhabitants of Slovakia are Slovaks Hungarians are the largest ethnic minority 8.

In Slovakia was estimated to have a total fertility rate of 1. The largest waves of Slovak emigration occurred in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The official language is Slovak , a member of the Slavic language family. Hungarian is widely spoken in the southern regions, and Rusyn is used in some parts of the Northeast.

Slovakia is ranked among the top EU countries regarding the knowledge of foreign languages. The best known foreign language in Slovakia is Czech.

Eurostat report also shows that The deaf community uses the Slovak Sign Language. The Slovak constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

After further reductions due to postwar emigration and assimilation, only about 2, Jews remain today 0. The education system consists of elementary school which is divided into two parts, the first grade age 6—10 and the second grade age 10—15 which is finished by taking nationwide testing called Monitor, from Slovak language and math.

Parents may apply for social assistance for a child that is studying on an elementary school or a high-school. If approved, the state provides basic study necessities for the child.

Schools provide books to all their students with usual exceptions of books for studying a foreign language and books which require taking notes in them, which are mostly present at the first grade of elementary school.

After finishing a high school, students can go to university and are highly encouraged to do so. Slovakia has a wide range of universities.

The biggest university is Comenius University , established in Most universities in Slovakia are public funded, where anyone can apply.

Every citizen has a right to free education in public schools. Slovakia has several privately funded universities, however public universities consistently score better in the ranking than their private counterparts.

Universities have different criteria for accepting students. Anyone can apply to any number of universities.

Folk tradition has rooted strongly in Slovakia and is reflected in literature, music, dance and architecture. The legend says he was taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

Visual art in Slovakia is represented through painting , drawing , printmaking , illustration , arts and crafts , sculpture , photography or conceptual art.

The Slovak National Gallery founded in , is the biggest network of galleries in Slovakia. They are located on the Danube riverfront in the Old Town.

The Bratislava City Gallery , founded in is the second biggest Slovak gallery of its kind. Other major galleries include: For a list of notable Slovak writers and poets, see List of Slovak authors.

Medieval literature , in the period from the 11th to the 15th centuries, was written in Latin , Czech and Slovakised Czech. Lyric prayers, songs and formulas was still controlled by the Church, while epic was concentrated on legends.

Authors from this period include Johannes de Thurocz , author of the Chronica Hungarorum and Maurus, both of them Hungarians. There were two leading persons who codified the Slovak language.

It was the codification of the first ever literary language of Slovaks. Traditional Slovak cuisine is based mainly on pork meat, poultry chicken is the most widely eaten, followed by duck , goose , and turkey , flour , potatoes , cabbage , and milk products.

It is relatively closely related to Hungarian , Czech and Austrian cuisine. On the east it is also influenced by Ukrainian and Polish cuisine.

In comparison with other European countries, "game meat" is more accessible in Slovakia due to vast resources of forest and because hunting is relatively popular.

Lamb and goat are eaten but are not widely popular. Bryndza is a salty cheese made of a sheep milk, characterised by a strong taste and aroma.

A typical soup is a sauerkraut soup "kapustnica". A blood sausage called "krvavnica", made from any and all parts of a butchered pig is also a specific Slovak meal.

Wine is enjoyed throughout Slovakia. Slovak wine comes predominantly from the southern areas along the Danube and its tributaries; the northern half of the country is too cold and mountainous to grow grapevines.

Sporting activities are practised widely in Slovakia, many of them on a professional level. Ice hockey and football have traditionally been regarded as the most popular sports in Slovakia, though tennis , handball , basketball , volleyball , whitewater slalom , cycling and athletics are also popular.

One of the most popular team sports in Slovakia is ice hockey. Slovakia became a member of the IIHF on 2 February [] and since then has won 4 medals in Ice Hockey World Championships , consisting of 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

The Slovak national hockey team made five appearances in the Olympic games, finishing 4th in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Prior to , the Slovak team HC Slovan Bratislava participated in the Kontinental Hockey League , considered the strongest hockey league in Europe, and the second-best in the world.

Association football is the most popular sport in Slovakia, with over , registered players. They progressed to the last 16, where they were defeated by the Netherlands.

The most notable result was the 3—2 victory over Italy. They remain the only Slovak club that has won a match at the group stage.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 30 January For other political states, see Slovak Republic disambiguation.

Not to be confused with Slovenia , Slavonia , or Moravian Slovakia. Slovak koruna before Shared code 42 with Czech Republic until The last independent government in Eastern Europe had become communist.

Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in Geomorphological division of Slovakia. List of national parks of Slovakia.

List of caves in Slovakia. List of rivers of Slovakia. Endemic Plant Species in Slovakia. Politics of Slovakia and Law of Slovakia.

The National Council building in Bratislava. Episcopal Summer Palace , the seat of the government of Slovakia. Foreign relations of Slovakia.

List of diplomatic missions of Slovakia. Embassy of Japan in Bratislava. Slovak Embassy in Washington, D. Automotive industry in Slovakia.

The Old Town in Bratislava. History of the Slovak language. Main altar in Basilica of St. Slovak wine and Beer in Slovakia. Retrieved 21 February Retrieved 4 December Retrieved 14 September Archived from the original on 16 June Retrieved 15 October Retrieved 18 August Union of European Football Associations.

Retrieved 11 June Retrieved 15 June Retrieved 20 June Archived from the original on 21 July Retrieved 15 December Slovakia national football team.

Slovak Football Association History Managers. Records Results Gibraltar 0—0 Slovakia Slovakia national football team players.

UEFA Euro finalists. Belgium Iceland Italy Poland. Retrieved from " https: European national association football teams Football in Slovakia Slovakia national football team National sports teams of Slovakia.

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Repre [1] Sokoli The Falcons [2]. First Slovak Republic — Germany , 27 August 2—0. United States , 14 November 1—0.

Bulgaria , 24 April 0—0. Ukraine , 16 November 4—1. Greece , 30 April 2—2. Iceland , 17 November 3—1. Israel , 18 August 1—0. Greece , 16 October 0—1.

Russia , 8 March 2—1. Romania , 15 November 0—2. Belarus , 27 March 4—0. Saudi Arabia , 24 May 1—1. Finland , 19 August 0—0.

Azerbaijan , 5 September 3—0. Liechtenstein , 8 September 2—0. San Marino , 13 October 7—0. Lithuania , 30 March 2—2. Slovenia , 16 November 2—0.

Moldova , 5 September 4—2. Uzbekistan , 14 May 4—1. Iceland , 26 March 1—2. Montenegro , 23 May 2—0. Rajamangala National Stadium , Bangkok , Thailand.

Arena Lviv , Lviv , Ukraine. Friends Arena , Solna , Sweden. Sinobo Stadium , Prague, Czech Republic. UEFA Euro qualifying. Cardiff City Stadium , Cardiff , Wales.

Olympic Stadium , Baku , Azerbaijan. Qualify for final tournament. Advance to knockout phase. Promotion to League A. Relegation to League C.

Sweden , 16 October Sweden , 16 October ALT. Morocco , 4 June ALT. Stanislav Griga Michal Hipp.

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